born: 04.08.1880
died: 22.09.1939

Colonel-General, Chief of the Supreme Army Command in 1934, from 1935 – 1938 Commander-in-Chief of the Army. In 1937 he expressed reservations about Hitler’s “lebensraum” and war plans (the Hoßbach Memorandum) and was victim of an intrigue in the so-called Blomberg-Fritsch-Affair and was subsequently dismissed from the army in 1938. Recalled at the beginning of WWII, von Fritsch was made Honorary Colonel of the 12th Artillery Regiment and was killed while inspecting the front lines during the invasion of Poland.

His grave was restored 2005/2006 with funds from the von Fritsch Family, the Rohdich Foundation and the Invalids’ Cemetery Association. The Family Coat of Arms, which had been stolen during WWII, was replaced.