The registered Invalids’ Cemetery Association (Förderverein Invalidenfriedhof e.V.) was founded in November 1992 with the purpose of preserving and maintaining the cultural, military and socio-historical heritage of the Invalids’ Cemetery as a memorial to German, Prussian and Berlin history and as a dignified place of reflection.
The Invalids’ Cemetery is to be preserved and carefully restored as a site in which to reflect upon German history. The conservation and maintenance of existing sepulchral monuments and the restoration of significant graves are to be promoted, the history of the cemetery and the interred portrayed.

The Association aims at achieving these objectives by

  • organising events to attract attention to the above goals;
  • furthering academic work which supports the goals of the association;
  • providing financial and advisory support of custodial and artistic measures carried out by authorities and departments involved;
  • fundraising in the public and private sectors to achieve these goals.

The members of the association comes from the inland and foreign countries as an individual member or a cooperate association.