Six baroque sarcophagi from 1770 – 1775 were discovered in Section A during restoration work on paths and pipes in summer 1996.
Among them is the grave of the commander of the Invalids’ Corps and second in charge of the Invalid House, Georg Christoph von Daembke (1719 – 1755).
These sarcophagi were probably buried under mounds of earth deposited to combat frequent flooding at one point. They rank among the oldest surviving distinguished sepulchral monuments in the cemeteries of Berlin. Up until an edict was passed in Prussia in 1794, affluent classes and the aristocracy were interred in churches as a rule.
The tomb of Johanna Christiana Elisabeth von Kottulinsky who died of tuberculosis at the age of seven in 1774 is the oldest representative baroque sarcophagus that exists outside of a church in Berlin. 
Restored 1998/1999 with funds from the German Federal Office of Administration and the German Class Lottery Foundation Berlin.